Open Farm Day Vendor Payment

Thanks for your interest in our Open Farm Day 2024!

If you pay today, we will advertise your business and products on our Facebook page. We will also reserve a spot inside or under the tent if you pay in advance.

If you would like an outdoor space with your own tent or setup, please mark down how much space you would like.

We have two buildings. The main building is already full with vendors. The second building is an older quonset shed. It does have farm collectibles (aka junk lol) stacked up along the walls. The roof does leak in a few spots, if it is raining that day we will position everyone around the leaks or I will place a couple of our pop up tents inside to help protect you.

We have exciting news! We just purchased two 20′ x 30′ commercial grade tents. We will use them for vendors and any open space we will use for picnic tables for guest to sit and each lunch. We currently don’t have sides for the tents but if they are calling for cold weather, wind, or rain, I will put tarps up to protect everyone.

Please click the links below to pay for the space you would prefer. Once the indoor places are full, I will update the website.

Indoor Vendor Booth $20:  indoor at least 8’x10’ — FULL

Double Indoor Vendor Booth $40:  indoor at least 8’x20’ — FULL

Outdoor Vendor booth $20:  please let me know about how much space you will need

P & C Little Rascals Tent Vendor Booth 8′ x 10′ Space

P & C Little Rascals Tent Double Vendor Booth 8′ x 20′ Space