Farm Tours

We offer scheduled farm tours!

When you come to the farm you will get to meet everyone. We may take a lot of animals to events but we have several more at home that like attention also.

We are not setup like a regular zoo. You are unable to just come walk through by yourself, with the exception of our Open Farm Day when I have help to guide everyone. We have several gates we need to open and shut as we go so no one escapes.

Please Note: We are a working farm. There is poop on a farm, its unavoidable.

We need to schedule a time because we maybe at an event or working out in the fields/pastures. Sometimes the animals are out in the big pastures so we need to know in advance if you are coming to make sure they are up to see you.

During our scheduled tour, we will start on one side of the farm and follow the walking path around the animals. We will not enter with the big animals. Occasionally a goat will jump the fence and join us as we walk. If we have baby goats or lambs, you will be able to sit and play with them.

We have lowered fences in some areas, so we will yell real loud “COME ON” and everyone will come running! You will be able to pet and feed them along these lowered fences. I will answer any questions you may have an try my best to teach you about each type of animal.

If you are scared of chickens, this may not be the place for you. Every where you walk, you will encounter a chicken, duck, turkey or goose roaming around. When we enter the front driveway, it is guaranteed you will have several chickens under your feet.

It is $5 a person, kids 3 and under are free.

We offer group rates, please contact us if you have a large group that would like to come through.