Games we offer

Water Pump Duck Race

Everyone LOVES our Water Pump Duck Races! We offer this as an additional service to our petting zoo. The kids pump water to send the ducks down the gutter.

Fee for the water pump game is $100 if you have water access within 100 ft for a garden hose or $150 if we need to transport the water for the game. (Iowa customers please note: There will be sales tax on top of this fee)


We LOVE Plinko and wanted to build a fun game for the kids to play and win prizes.

We will set this up at larger events at no charge to the event. We sell $1 per chance or $5 for 6 chances to win a prize. Currently our prizes consist of stuffed animals, bendy animals, slap bracelets, keychains, rubber ducks/pigs, and other cute little farm animal related prizes.

If you would like to use this at your event with no charge to the kids, you can either buy your own prizes to use or pay us for a predetermined amount of tokens to be either given out by us or by you to the kids.

Please Note: We only rent out these games to events that we are coming to for a petting zoo. We do not offer them as a stand alone game at a party.