About Us

Welcome to P & C Little Rascals LLC!

We are not your typical petting zoo. We try to offer an educational experience for kids of all ages ranging 0-100yrs old by placing fun fact signs on the pens about each type of animal.

We are primarily a traveling petting zoo. We load up the animals and travel to your site. We try to bring a variety of animals. We usually bring a llama, alpaca, miniature cow, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, turkey, goose, a rabbit to most events. Seasonally we may also have piglets, baby goats, lambs, chicks depending on what we have at the time. Bigger events we bring larger quantities of each animal to make sure they stay hungry and more kids get the opportunity to feed. If you are in need of just one or two animals for a specific event, we can definitely work something out for you also.

We prefer to setup along side of our trailer, but we can work out other arrangements. We can setup on grass, gravel, or pavement. Please be aware they animals will mow and fertilize your lawn. We do our best to clean up after the animals before we leave by sweeping and washing down the area but it is impossible to get every dropping. We will do events indoors and will do our best to put down tarps and clean everything before we leave.

We also do live nativity scenes. We bring sheep, a llama (that likes to play a camel), and the miniature cow. I’m sorry we don’t have a donkey.

Prices vary on several factors: location, how long you would like us there, how many you expect to come, if you want us to give free feed or charge for feed (if you want free feed for large events, we need to be able to hand out coupons to limit how much each kid can feed so everyone gets a chance before the animals are full).

We do have an Open Farm Day once a year where we allow the public to come walk through for free, we do appreciate donations. We have a self guided tour that takes you buy the various animals around the farm. We will have cups of feed for sale. Most of the animals you will be able to reach over the fence to pet and feed. Usually we have baby goats and lambs running around in the walking paths to play with. We will have a few craft vendors and food vendors setup. We also try to have some fun activities for the kids. Our next Open Farm Day will be 4/30/22 from 9a – 2p.

We do not have regular business hours for farm visits since we do not have employees and we are a working farm. Chris works full time off the farm and Paula is not always at the main farm available for tours. We do offer scheduled Farm Tours. If you give Paula a call, she will do her best to schedule a time for you to come. It is $5 a person, kids 5 and under are free.